The American Society of Engineers and Architects (ASEA) was founded in 1964 by Amber Lois Haack, as a non-profit professional organization dedicated to the interaction of all disciplines of engineering, architecture and the allied arts.  The Society, through its combined strengths, is able to promote professional and college programs as well as encourage growth and development in engineering and architectural students.

During the past fifty-one years, ASEA has sponsored chapters for young people in seventeen community colleges and four high schools in the Southern California area.  Participating colleges include:  Chaffey Community College, Citrus College, East Los Angeles College, El Camino College, Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Pasadena City College, Glendale Community College, Rio Hondo College, Los Angeles Pierce College, Fullerton College, Cerritos College, Mt. San Antonio College, Rio Hondo Community College and El Comino College. The high schools include:  Don Bosco Technical Institute, California High School, Diamond Bar High School and Alhambra High School.

The ASEA offers funding for student programs, scholarships, field trips, lectures, competitions, summer jobs and coordinates educational and social events.  The Society has also offered “Chautauqua” which is an innovative shelter competition in which participating students are required to design, build and inhabit their structures.  The event is sponsored by the ASEA and has been hosted by Cal Poly University of Pomona and Woodbury University in Burbank.

Each year the Society has an Award Banquet where the ASEA presents certificates and monetary scholarships to winners of design competitions offered during the school year as well as our Annual Scholarship Competition.  ASEA Student chapters are also encouraged to seek out opportunities where they may assist community service organizations in their work. Scholarship and leadership awards are given to each school, along with many surprise awards that recognize exceptional achievements by the students and teachers.  In recent years several “Teacher of the Year” Awards have been given to teachers in recognition of their superior dedication to the education of their students.  The students from the various colleges and high schools participate in the selection of those teachers considered for the award.

Over ASEA’s 51 year history, the Society is extremely proud that the encouragement and personal involvement of its professional members has proven to be decisive in the development of many professionals.  Since its inception in 1964 more than 4,000 community college and high school students in the Los Angeles area have benefited by the educational programs and scholarships offered through ASEA.  

In 1998 the ASEA Education Fund, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, was formed in order to allow individuals, businesses and corporations to take advantage of the tax exempt benefits for their donations to the Society.

On August 20, 2014 Amber Haack, the founder and Executive Director of the American Society of Engineers and Architects , passed away after 51 years of selfless dedication to the education, development and encouragement of young people in their pursuit of a degree in engineering or architecture.

After a life time of encouraging and supporting students in their quest for knowledge in engineering and architectural studies, Amber Haack’s legacy is embraced by many professionals who worked with and beside Amber and have chosen to continue the work for new generations of young people who strive for knowledge and excellence.  Please join us in this effort by helping us to provide educational and professional opportunities, or by giving a monetary contribution in support of ASEA’s current and future educational and scholarship programs.


ASEA's Website
In 2006, the ASEA Board of Directors decided that the Society needed a website to better communicate its history, its benefits, and its mission with those unfamiliar with the organization.  We hope that you find all of that and more and welcome your questions on topics we may not have covered.  In addition to information, however, this site is intended to serve as a hub for members to interact and exchange information, both among ASEA's professional and student members.






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